2015 Open Show

2015 Open Show

Judge: Mrs Karen Taylor



****Danelyne Miss Liberty****


Taliekin Legal Eagle

Baby Puppy Dog

1. Kayem Been There Dun That (AI)


Minor Puppy Dog

1. Riverdane Deltas Toyboy

2. Riverdane Toy Soldier

Puppy Dog

1. Taliekin Legal Eagle


Intermediate Dog

1. Ondane Dream Lover


Champion Dog


1. Aus Ch Underane American Gold (AI) RN



Dog Challenge:

Taliekin Legal Eagle

Res Challenge:

Ondane Dream Lover


Baby Puppy Bitch

1. Kayem High Hopes


Minor Puppy Bitch

1. Riverdane Deltas Delite

2. Riverdane Euro Goddess


Puppy Bitch



Junior Bitch

1. Danelyne Miss Liberty


Intermediate Bitch

1. Dahomey Walking On Air

2. Thunderfire Silver Chimera


Australian Bred Bitch

1. Cheran Electric Dreams

2. Ondane Love Is In The Air


Open Bitch

1. Rubyton Precious Gem


Champion Bitch:

1. Aus Ch Cheran Daydreambeliever

2. Aus Ch Darjoce Hope N Faith


Bitch Challenge:

Danelyne Miss Liberty

Res Challenge:

Cheran Electric Dreams


Best Baby in Show: Kayem High Hopes

Best Opposite Baby in Show: Kayem Been There Dun That

Best Minor Puppy in Show: Riverdane Deltas Delite

Best Opposite Minor Puppy in Show: Riverdane Deltas Toyboy

Best  Puppy in Show: Taliekin Legal Eagle

Best Opposite Puppy in Show:

Best Junior in Show: Danelyne Miss Liberty

Best Opposite Junior in Show:

Best Intermediate in Show: Dahomey Walking On Air

Best Opposite Intermediate in Show: Ondane Dream Lover

Best Australian Bred in Show: Cheran Electric Dreams

Best Opposite Australian Bred in Show:

Best Open in Show: Rubyton Precious Gem

Best Opposite Open in Show:

Best Champion In Show:  Aus Ch Cheran Daydreambeliever

Best Opposite Champion In Show: Aus Ch Underane American Gold (AI) RN


(BIS and RUBIS are unable to enter property classes)

Best Movement: Thunderfire Silver Chimera

Best Brindle: Riverdane Deltas Delite

Best Head: Thunderfire Silver Chimera

Best Fawn: Riverdane Deltas Toyboy

Best Harliquin: Thunderfire Silver Chimera

Best Black: Aus Ch Darjoce Hope N Faith


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